ERO-Box Pruner ELITE PROcut

Pruning the foliage wall to the desired width and height in winter can be carried out using saw blades or tri-blades with the ERO ELITE PROcut Box Pruner.
Suitable for pruning shoots at least 1.5 cm in diameter.

Standard equipment

  • Numerous manual adjustment options:

    • Manual cutting width adjustment 10 – 80 cm
    • Lateral offset: 60 cm
    • Cutting angle adjustment for vertical cutter beams
    • Cutting height adjustment of horizontal cutter beam by 40 cm
    • Horizontal cutter beam pivotable in transport position
  • Deflector plate of horizontal cutter beam

  • Breakback protection for the horizontal cutter beam and vertical cutter beams with gas spring and self-actuated retraction

  • Air-suction turbo blades with nonstick coating (wire rejection feature).

  • Double-acting lift frame with cylinder inside the frame, 800 mm stroke (surcharge for 1,100 mm lift frame with 800 mm stroke)

  • Simple mounting with automatic centering of bores, hitching to all tractor types possible

  • Rigid support (the tractor bracket or base plate must be ordered separately)

  • Dismount stand with hydraulic lifting

Model Vertical cutter beam Horizontal cutter beam
LKF-ÜEP 135/85 4 blades, cutting length: 1,35m 3 blades, cutting length: 0,85 m
LKF-ÜEP 155/85 5 blades, cutting length: 1,55m 3 blades, cutting length: 0,85 m
LKF-ÜEP 165/85 5 blades, cutting length: 1,65m 3 blades, cutting length: 0,85 m
ERO Box Pruner ELITE PROcut

Carbide saw blades

ERO Box Pruner ELITE PROcut

Tri-Blade for the ELITE PROcut
– retrofit –