ERO Grape Harvester

We have been a passionate grape harvester manufacturer since 1981.

ERO is the only German manufacturer offering the best overall package on the market. By helping you achieve optimal grape quality, the best lateral unloading and grade-climbing performance, combined with rapid spare parts supply and top service, ERO is ready to be your perfect partner for a successful harvest season.

Stage 5 - ERO Grapeharvester Grapeliner Series 7000

Stage V

ERO has been the first grape harvester manufacturer to bring all its harvester models into compliance with EU Stage V emissions standard.

The new EU Stage V emissions standard for engines 130 kW and greater has been in force since January 2019. ERO is also the only manufacturer to have converted to meet the new EU Stage V emissions standard across the entire net power range of 75 – 130 kW.