LSA 320 AU3V over-the-row one-sided

Standard equipment

  • Cutter beam with stainless steel blades

  • Breakback protection on over-row side

  • Manual height adjustment of the horizontal cutter beam (30 cm) with breakback protection

  • Trimming angle adjustment on over-row side (manual)

Required control devices:
1 x single-actuating with pressure-free return
Oil flow rate: 20 l/min

BINGER Trimmer LSA 320 AU3V over-the-row one-sided

Optional features

  • Hydraulic height adjustment for the horizontal cutter beam 30 cm with breakback protection (1 x double-acting)

  • HD6 foot including mounting on the ERO tractor bracket
    800 mm stroke, hydraulic tilting, including control block (2 x double-acting)

  • Hydraulic HD lateral offset
    Setting range: 300 mm (1 x double-acting)

  • Comfort control or reversing valves

  • HD dismount frame with dismount trunnion
    Suitable for transport by pallet truck or forklift truck.

LSA 320 AU3V
Cutting length: 152 cm
LSA 320 AU3V
Cutting length: 176 cm