Notice of Filming and Photography

During the event, images will be taken and/or recorded . In the following, we will inform you about the type, the purpose of the images as well as the legal basis and your rights.


The images and/or recordings are used for the following purposes:

  Providing the images for the participants; Internal image database or archive; Use in the internal network (Intranet); Presentation and promotion of our own services; Information on other and similar events; Our own print media and comparable publications; Advertising purposes Public reporting about the event; Public Relations; Use on our website; Publication in social media; Publication on television; Distribution of the images to the press and media; Use in video productions; Video coverage of the event.

Type of images: Photographs and video recordings.

Legal basis: Legitimate interests in the use of the images and/or recordings for the aforementioned purposes according to Article 6 (1) (f), 85 GDPR in conjunction with §§ 22, 23 KUG.


Storage time of the Image Recordings:

  The images shall be retained for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out above. The images can be stored internally without restriction, e.g. to secure copyright claims by providing evidence of original recordings and furthermore for reasons of historical documentation. In the case of publication, the images can be published as long as the respective publication media, articles or contributions are publicly accessible.


Information on Third Party Photographs and Recordings:

  Participants of the event can also take photographs or recordings on their own responsibility. We ask the participants to respect each other's personal rights. During the event media representatives may be on site and take pictures on their own responsibility. Controller:

Am ERO-Werk 1
55469 Simmern

E-mail address:

Privacy policy:

Your Rights: You may exercise your right to access or rectify, delete and restrict the processing of photographs and you may complain to the competent supervisory authority. You may object to the processing of photographs and data concerning you at any time.